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The supported input formats are given in the docs and I’ve given the relevant part below.

train_model(self, train_data, output_dir=None, args=None, eval_df=None)Trains the model using 'train_data'Args:train_data: train_data should be the path to a .txt file containing the training data OR a pandas DataFrame with 3 columns. If a text file is used the data should be in the CoNLL format. i.e. One word per line, with sentences seperated by an empty line. The first word of the line should be a word, and the last should be a Name Entity Tag. If a DataFrame is given, each sentence should be split into words, with each word assigned a tag, and with all words from the same sentence given the same sentence_id.

Unfortunately, I can’t provide support for all the possible input formats as there are too many of them. However, I don’t think it would be too difficult for the user to convert other formats into one of these two.

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